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Digital Signature

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Digital signature.


Email messages, documents and programs may contain a digital signature. Just like a normal signature, a digital signature shows that the information really has been written by a certain person. A digital signature contains the name and the email address of that person and resides in a certificate.
Everyone can create certificates containing any names he or she likes. How can you be sure you can trust a signature? Fortunately, there are several companies that generate certificates only for people who can prove that they really are the person they claim to be. Such a company is called a Certificate Authority (CA).
A CA owns a so called CA certificate. It uses this certificate to generate all other certificates. The CA will publish the public key of the CA certificate. This certificate is also referred to as the 'public root certificate'. Everyone can use this certificate to verify if a certificate has been generated by that company. You can specify which CAs you trust by importing their root certificates. This is usually done by double-clicking on the certificate file (.cer) and click "Install Certificate". Depending on the application, you may also need to import the public root certificate in your email program or document viewer.
Hobby-Electronics.info acts as its own CA. You can download the public root certificate below.

Public root certificate Hobby-Electronics.info

You can download the Hobby-Electronics.info public root certificate here: ca hobby-electronics-public.cer.
Fingerprint (sha1): 01 e5 aa 94 4c 0a 6c 59 f2 34 07 5a ed 52 c3 c5 ba e5 58 ed

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